Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Getting back

Here's the thing - I'm a sweet person. Yes, I'm sweet in that bland, no-personality way that the adjective is used - to describe a hubby's bad craft project or a polka-dot T-shirt on a 40 year old woman.

I am sweet, see. But sometimes, I'm not. I'm a little bizarre - like a hurtful, zesty, bad karmic weaning. So, here's what my immensely enjoyable doppelganger did tonight.

I have this pal who has a patent on sang froid. Nothing ruffles him...and anything that involves me is met with serene detachment. Now, I don't like that. Why be friends when you don't go ballistic on one another, correct?

The other day, I asked him - who are your most favorite people in the world? Now, the tone in which the question was asked would suggest (at least to anyone with IQ in the positive quadrant) that it was a leading question. He answers -

Mihir, Turab, Shayaan, Neha, Prithvi.

'And...' - Hint 1

Yep, that's about it....I don't get too close to very many people.

Yeah, but they're all your school friends. Isn't there anyone you recently met you could count as your close pal? - Hint 2 in neon lights

Not really. - Oh! bring down those signs already.


My turn:

By the way, something happened today...didn't think I'd do it but..

What? - Do I see a little flicker?

You know...forget it...not important.

What? - Lights coming on..almost

Seriously, it's a one time thing. Forget it.

What? - Zoom in on those lights

Today I made love.

What?? - Little closer.... With? - it's blinding I tell you

Today I made LOVE - Lots Of Valient Efforts...


Yes, yes...very cheesy, very sleazy, stupid and duh-umb.....but cackle! cackle! To see the froid melt.....satisfying!


Nagesh Pai said...

After umbrella its time for sunglasses hehe... but i am sure your pal would have been wearing welder's glasses, not to notice the obvious intended response... hmmm... i am sure he is pretending ;-)

He may have written a blog somewhere someplace to describe his side of the story... hehehe

Rabin said...

Usually the silent types are the ones with 'intense feelings' (whatever that is), so don't be surprised if the dude cameback on a bended knee one of those days.

A friend of mine who fits the same profile had carried a deep seated crush on this other friend. He finally acted on sending a colleague (a much older blabber mouth), now this dude was so effective that he ended up causing two marriages instead of one. She got so disillusioned by love that she ok'ed an arranged marriage and my friend broken hearted as he was got married in a couple of months to the girl of his mom's choice.

you never know :)

Mukta said...

Hi Nagesh,

Nope..he doesn't blog..but yes, i'm sure he remembers the incident very differently.

Hey R,

Interesting story about your pals..hope they both are happy. But bended knees on my pal's part. Or at least not before me. :-)

anumita said...

Well well i m dying to know now! You know what!!!