Thursday, May 11, 2017


A quick post then.

I want to write ghost stories. I don't know why I am so fond of ghost stories but I am. I think it is the ultimate love story. It is the ultimate story of longing and ache. Also, nothing is stronger than the pull of unfinished business. I think the notion of unfinished business is what draws me to this genre. There is a facebook page called 'Pula'. It's a Pune's Ladies group or something like that. I had put up a question there asking about ghost stories. One lady wrote about her friend's experience. Apparently, she fell in love with a boy at the bus stop. They would meet every day and over time, they decided to marry. They were both from different castes and they knew that the parents would not agree. So they made plans to elope. But on the day that they had decided to run away, the girl's family came to know. The girl had already left home by then. They tracked her down at the bus stop where she was found weeping because the boy had not turned up. This angered them further. So they tracked down the boy's house. The boy's family was surprised. They said that the boy had been dead since the last two years. In fact, he had passed on at the same bus stop where the girl had claimed to have met the boy. The girl's family left the town and they moved elsewhere.

In the comments section, there were several women who said that they had heard similar stories along various bus stops near the Kolhapur highway.

Anyone has any ghost stories to share?

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