Monday, May 15, 2017

106, 105

Today is Mother's Day. The day started off well. I procrastinated a lot. Got the house cleaned somewhat. Reviewed a course as I sipped my black coffee and looked at grey skies. Went to Koregaon Park to meet a couple of friends. After one of my friends had left, hung out with the other friend for longer.

Came home. Cooked some spaghetti with soya bean, mustard oil, and channa masala.

Sipping cold water now. 

Came across an article that talked about a man raping a woman and tearing out her food pipe. I am now stumped. I do not know how to pray for her. And I know that unless I pray for her, I will not get peace - not even the fake, flimsy sort of peace that will let me sleep through the night and wake up tomorrow. 

I am scared because I do not know what to do when I read about something like this. I am scared because I do not what kind of a prayer will do. 

I am searching for a prayer tonight.

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