Sunday, February 12, 2017

164, 163, 162, 161, 160

Today, I had a lot to do so I stayed back in Bombay and did not leave for Pune. But instead, I slept a lot. It was a good sleep. Yesterday, a friend told me about Intermittent Fasting and he told me that I should try it out. So, I looked it up on the Internet. It seems like an effective way to get lean and all that. You get your calorie intake in an 8 hour window period and for the next 16 hours you fast. You don't eat anything in the fasting period except for having water or black tea. This gives your organs time to recover properly and use up the stored fats in your body. This is a very different approach from that other method where you are to eat every 4 hours or so. You don't need to restrict the calories you take in. You just need to consume them in a different time.

There were some websites that cautioned that this kind of a diet is not good for women because it triggers hormonal imbalance and things like that. 

Anyway, there is just so much to get done. I don't know where to begin. Actually I do know where to begin and I haven't begun. And now I want to do a few things differently.

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