Sunday, January 08, 2017

194, 193, 192, 191, 190

In no particular order, stuff that has happened over the last few days:

1. Made two trips to Urban Foundry over the last couple of days. Had excellent conversations. One with an ex-colleague who was into Fine Arts earlier and is now in the UX/ UI domain. The other with a dear pal of mine I used to go for walks with. Had cosmopolitans there and I would recommend it. It is served so prettily! There's that famous pink-orange-red swirl of the cocktail in a martini-glass but the glass doesn't have a stem. That vessel is placed inside a glass bowl filled with some funky swirly white smoke - the kind you get from dry ice. It comes to your table and everyone's eyes are on you! That's part of the fun. Today, I had the soya chaap there - a favorite of mine from visits to Delhi. Succulent and flavorful.

2. We made rose water at home. It's bottled and stays pretty on a nightstand. Now I don't know what to do with it.

3. A friend from Bombay had come over and stayed. Chatted through the night, of course. It was fun.

4. Liked a particular doodle session.

5. Got a teensy bit frustrated over the format of an invoice I had shared earlier. So troublesome. Anyway, nothing much to do but get it sorted out.  

6. My cook turns out to be pretty nifty with stitching. So, I gave her some old dupattas and some fabric I was gifted. She made me a cute bustier-type tie-up blouse with a black and gold border. Then, a beautiful chilli-red fabric from Assam is a loose-ish kurta.

Will work hard from tomorrow. Tonight some coffee and reading.

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