Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I am thoroughly enjoying 'The Alienist' by Caleb Carr. New York City in the 1870s is so spectacularly described that just the description of what some areas will become later fills you with a sense of foreboding. It's an exciting read and I wish I could park all of my work for a couple of days and simply gobble that book.

A friend, N, is here and it was really nice to meet her near her place. We had coffee at McDonald's and chatted and it was a nice finish to the day.

My cook has stitched up a bunch of stuff at home, by hand. Last night, I'd worn one of those 'creations', so to speak. It was a strappy number in a brown paisley print fabric (which we cut off a palazzo that had ripped) and wore it on top of a black turtleneck. I liked it. :-)

Anyway, I will sign off now and head back to reading the book. Will do some work after that.

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mona said...

What? You haven't read it yet? I thought you got the book last year. No?
This.. is.. criminal.

Did you know that some of the eating places mentioned in the book still exist?