Thursday, December 08, 2016


Finished work on time and was wondering how to unwind now. It would be nice to go for coffee or a film but I do have a deadline tomorrow and I think I should be rested. I think maybe I will just write my diary tonight. Had a really weird dream yesterday about a few things not going right. I don't remember the specifics but I woke up with a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction. There is a woman who comes to sweep the room at 5 a.m. That is how early people come in to work in Bombay. She is just so irritating. Or actually no. She is not irritating. She is just early, punctual, noisy, and can't speak Hindi. I hate waking up in a foul mood.

Anyway, I am usually short of sleep and my eye has been hurting so I feel I will just write for a bit or since I am writing here, I'll just watch Friends and sleep off.

LinkedIn informs me that I have completed one year of being an independent writer. Interestingly lots of people have congratulated me on that. :-) Most of them I don't know. I think they are responding to an optimistic situation of a writer having made it this far? Anyway, one can't get attached to these things too much. Situations change.

On Pinterest, came across a really beautiful word: Mad'ouk. It means toughened or hardened by experience.

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