Wednesday, April 13, 2016


1. I was almost attacked by a partially blind, mud-colored St. Bernard yesterday. I was walking back home from Aundh. It was around 10:15 p.m. or so. When I was walking past this open lot, I heard a growl and saw a large dog bounding across the street. But I screamed and ran a little ahead and then it stopped. Very grateful that I reached home safe.

2. I picked up a cup of badaam ice-cream from Havmor. It was not nice at all. But I had it while reading a few more pages of the novel, 'Snow Flower...'

3. Had the non-alcoholic beer at Peter Donuts which I loved! You can flavor it separately with ginger syrup or honey and that would invite snickering from people around. However, on its own, it's pretty nice too.

4. Mom had come over and she had brought me some kheer-kadams. I love them. I think I'll have one today.

5. I slept so damn well.

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