Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The last few days I was feeling a little unwell and really weak. I was madly craving fish so I had some. After 7 years of being vegetarian, had fish. It felt really good.

So far, here are the nice fish dishes I've had:

1. The tandoori pomfret from Salt. It is spectacular! It is just so beautifully charred with a kick in the marination - it's superb.

2. The butter-lemon prawns and the red snapper at Malaka Spice. The prawns were lovely. The snapper was a little rubbery.

3. The bhekti fish-fry at my home in Bombay. Superlative, but of course.

4. The roasted surmai from Food Court - very, very tasty.

5. The schezwan-stir fried fish from Kimling - totallly avoidable unless you want lightly fish flavored batter.

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