Monday, March 14, 2016

437, 436

Some good things that have happened:

1. I think I overcame some kind of a jinx by going for a late-night movie by myself to Phoenix. Watched 'The Revenant' which I loved. I am besotted with the lighting in that movie. The glow of flint, the blue-silver of the river, and snow that's white with a tint of is it so stunning?! I loved it! Anyway, I returned around 2 p.m. Since it was a Saturday night, there were some cops on the road. They indicated me to pull over. Since I don't have a license and as I was not carrying any money to pay up the fine, I was a little nervous. But they saw me in the car by myself and told me to go on.

2. There's this Reader's Meetup I go to where I met someone who shares my interest in horror fiction. He gave me a book called 'Things that go bump in the night'. Really looking forward to reading it.

3. I finally went grocery shopping and got rice! Rice is just so beautiful! So I got rice and I also got this one small roll of cheese that's flavoured with roasted cumin. It is just so, so tasty! I cut up a slice and had it with thetcha. Sublime! Really!

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mona said...

All I can think of is this: 'Akeli na bazaar jaya karo.... nazar lag jaayegi'