Tuesday, February 02, 2016


I am very tired and cannot sleep. A couple of pals had come over. I just put out my dining table in the balcony and lit some candles and it was pretty.

Both my maids asked for a raise today and I turned down both of them. Told them that I am now not working.

Got some food from Salt, which was nice. At home, I roasted makhanas in mustard oil and made sevaiya kheer from an MTR packet. Both, I think, turned out well.

Anyway, I have with me a cup of black coffee and I am still not able to sleep. Or rather, I am feeling very very sleepy but I just can't bring myself to lie down. 


DI said...

Salt is the restaurant opposite Phoenix Market City? Or is it a chain?
In my two years in Pune, I saw Salt so many times, and every time I would think I should eat there, at least once. I never got to doing it. And while I ate out all the time and tried SO many places, missing this one thing makes me miss that city.

mukta raut said...

This Salt that I write about is in Pune, in a suburb called Baner. I didn't know it was a chain...