Monday, February 15, 2016

459: Happy Valentine's Day all!

There here is the sky under which I roamed around Bandra today.
Under a different kind of mucroscope,
I think and I hope, my heart looks like the Bandra sky.

The church at Mount Mary. It's a gorgeous little place.

The candles one burns at the grate. I love those luscious colours.

Mother Mary...she intrigues me. She looks like the kind of woman who would give birth to a son who would teach love.

I don't know if the boy and girl here are in love but I love the elements here:
the road, the sky, the backpack, the auto ready to ply..
love is sweet, ordinary, regular, everyday, in bluejeans and carries a backpack.

This gorgeousness seriously.

Driving towards BKC.

Not sure if you can see it here but the red walls here have this jali-filigree' thing going on.

The 'Make in India' centre with the lion entering the 'jungle'? (of one tree!)

I love all things yellow!

This lion is on its way to meet Andy Warhol.

I bought lilies today from Khoja florist.
They're showcased here in my other home.

I love pink. I just love that colour.
Like I have always believed, pink is passion that turned kind.
Pink lilies! So awesome!

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