Monday, February 22, 2016


Today has been good so far.

Out of the blue, I got a text from someone I knew a long time ago. Or it wasn't a really long time ago. But we'd gone our different ways and I think we both had seemingly changed far too much to be considered friends...because I wonder if were even the same people who started out.

Anyway, I'm in Bombay now and hope to be in Pune on Friday or Saturday morning. Need to pay my electricity bill. But Saturday night, I intend to go out some place nice.

I wonder if you can still be equally warm towards people who have shown you that they'll have a tough time accepting if good things happen in your life. I suppose it is possible. If the person has been good to you overall but then a situation in your life started to change, get better, and that's when they started resenting you for it. But how do you continue being frank and open with them?

I think maybe it's a part of the human experience - to offer encouragement and then to start feeling bad if the other person's situation starts to improve. And since it's part of the human experience, it's better to accept it.

But I don't know. My heart is not in it yet. I don't want the bad vibes or the speculation or the scrutiny. I also don't want to think ill of people I was fond of. So, maybe, in the interest of the love and fondness, I should stay away.

That's why perhaps the day was good. I figured something out.

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