Sunday, February 28, 2016

448, 447

Today was nice. Went to meet a bunch of people in the Reader's Meet-up where we discussed some good books and all. Woke up really well. Connected with a friend and it was so happy-making! Said goodbye to another friend, maybe for good - and it pains now. But I feel lighter. So I expect it to be good later. I'll be meeting another friend tomorrow and we always have a good time.

If there's anyone reading this between the age-group 25 to 32 - how do you assess the personality of a potential partner? What do you ask? What do you do?

This is for an assignment I am working on, so please help me out?



Anonymous said...

i would ask him how he handles disagreement with a colleague

Bini said...

This could be long but I ll keep it short as its your blog and not mine.. I check and see how well they know themselves.. what is it in which their soul finds comfort.. and on a practical level, I do check on food and financial habits. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is obviously going to be an endless list. But I'll try and prioritize.

1. The person's world view, personal philosophy, and the alignment of their morality with yours.
2. Sense of humor.
3. Physical/sexual chemistry. This can easily be number 1 depending what day of the week you ask.
4. Common interests: Books, music, food, movies, sports, hobbies etc.
5. Education, culture, upbringing, etc.
6. Je ne sais quoi. Again, can top the list on some days.

Anonymous said...

1. Person's exposure (summarily rejected people who had not lived by themselves while studying or working)
2. Education, culture, upbringing, openness
3. Ability to argue with the mind rather than resort to emotional attacks
4. Most importantly, tried to guage how the person would get along with my parents and family

There wasn't any question I could ask that gave me the answers, but I tried finding out the above by talking to the person.