Tuesday, January 05, 2016


It was a beautiful day today.

I took a long, leisurely walk to office where I had to sign some final documents. On the way, I saw this stunning tree that seemed to have a floral cloudburst on the top of it. There were garnet-coloured flowers and flowers that looked like spittles of fire and flowers that were a magical purple and pink mix. This chaos of gemmed beauty rose high above to nudge a perfect, even blue sky.

On the way, I took a detour via a stunning, shaded avenue. An elderly gentleman was passing by carrying bread and eggs wrapped in brown paper. I smiled at him. He looked at me and was hesitant. I'd almost passed him when he shouted out, "Do you know me?"

I said, "No. I just smiled...just like that."

He looked really happy. He said, "Thank you! That's sweet. Happy New Year."

I remember our conversation verbatim. Will put it in a play.

Who would have thought that before that day I had an accident with a water tanker.

No harm done. And the day looked up!

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