Saturday, January 09, 2016

492: Cabby-talk, some books loaned, and Wazir

I woke up with a sore knee this morning but it got better as the day wore on. Here's what else happened:

1. I went to Phoenix with a friend. It was good fun. Although we didn't find anything nice in Zara. I mean they were nice but nothing new. Forever 21 though had some good stuff.

2. We were cabbing it back to Baner after our trip and the cabbie started talking to us about past life regression. It was a little strange but also natural.

3. Met up with another pal later that night. She loaned me 'Em and the Big Hoom' by Jerry Pinto and 'Temple of My Familiar' by Alice Walker. Very excited to start reading them.

4. Went to watch 'Wazir' with her and her husband. I really liked it. Some strong performances and I'm surprised by how good the music is! It's only now that I am somehow seeing that Amitabh Bachchan is quite a special man. I am liking him more now than earlier.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed em and the big hoom. So emotionally daunting though. And underpinned by such suffering