Monday, January 11, 2016

490: Story of the wick and related observations

Sometimes, the spotlight shifts. Of course, it doesn't shift so sharply that you stop noticing the dance of the flames or the fierce, strong glow of the light. You also remain enchanted by the theatre of shadows that this flickering, capricious child of he candle plays out on the wall. You are only human, so you will notice that and celebrate that and admire that and wistfully want more of that in your life.
But then, sometimes the spotlight will shift and will notice something else.

Something smaller, darker, more commonplace, and regular and homely...which may not seem to do too much - not ignite a passion or awaken will not do much more than simply hold the fire, so that it can do its thing.

Bajirao Mastani left me wondering about Kashibai. What was in it for her? Just...why? What for?

I liked the film and it's a testament to how unfulfilling lives can get when no one is drinking coffee. Oh ya...for all that big budget and plush themes, why doesn't Bansali show anyone eating a meal in his movies? No wonder they all suffer the fate they do.

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