Monday, January 18, 2016

486, 485

Last evening, I visited a rather enchanting little hill in Kothrud. It was just so pretty, with tall and silent trees all around. I was particularly intrigued by this tall tree with a very smooth bark - the colour of cappuccino. It was so beautiful, I wanted to bring it back home. I finally see the appeal of bonsai. I'd love to have a complete cherry blossom or a neem or a banyan on my coffee table.

Today was also good. Met up with a friend who may be involving me in some freelance work. Let's see how that works out.

I am sleeping a lot nowadays. It's beautiful. I sleep in the mornings, though. Go to bed around 6 a.m. and then wake up around 1. Then eat and sleep some more and socialize in the evenings.

In other news, I painted something yesterday. Very rough but I'm happy. Watercolours. I love water colours. They are so soft and gentle and beautiful. Something in me dissolves when I see them and yesterday, although it made my back sore, I felt something get a little more free.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel a little more taken care of. I can't explain it but brush strokes make me feel cushioned.

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