Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It's been an interesting day so far and it's not yet over. So, I'll put in an addendum if something supremely exciting comes up.

But in the off-chance it doesn't, here's what I was up to:

1.) Had to go some place for a meeting with a potential client. The weather was really nice and crisp. I was waiting for a friend to pick me up from the curb and the golden sunlight just drenched the world and it was lovely.

2.) We had lunch at the Skye bar, at the ICC Towers, and the buschetta was very tasty. As was the Red Thai Curry and rice. Al fresco dining is always a pleasure in Pune and this one is located right on the terrace so that's good.

3.) I walked from SB Road to Aundh. While at Crossword, I caught up with a ex-colleague. It was a strange, difficult, awkward, and a real interaction. That was good.

4.) Last night, I'd painted a pair of cherries, a slice of watermelon, and a balloon. I think the cleaning lady threw away the painting of the balloon. But I clicked all these pictures so I'll put them up somewhere. They aren't great but I really liked them! I think I ought to be more careful with my work.

5.) I had the chocolate brownie at Moshe's at Crossword and overall, the quality there just seems to be deteriorating. Avoidable stuff.

6.) There may be a 'do' planned on the 27th. So invited a friend for that.

7.) Had pani puri at Ganesh Bhel on Baner Road. And this I absolutely recommend. The pani puris are not too bad themselves but the guy who makes them is so polite and thoughtful! He is the reason I go there. 

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