Monday, December 14, 2015

514 - driving off

My wallet was stolen four years ago. I lost my driver's license with it. So now I drive around without one. But I am really careful and break no signals or drive rashly or anything. If I see a police car on the road, I take a by-lane and wait there until it passes. If I see cops on the road, I behave really well. Not that I wouldn't do any of this if I did have the license but I try to avoid anything that will get me on the radar.

What this has meant though that I can't drive in other cities and I can't go on long distance drives. But this Sunday I just got fed up with feeling so constrained so I drove down to Bombay. This was the first time I was driving on the highway by myself and it was just so glorious! Given that the decision was spontaneous, I wasn't carrying any cash when I drove off from my house but my sweet little car, music, sunlit roads and mountains and clouds that somehow seemed so much more mystical from the driver's site.

I stopped at the Food Mall to withdraw cash and had a leisurely cup of coffee and drove off again.

I think for the first time, I really enjoyed I felt it to be a very softening experience. (I like driving through cities late at night or to KP any time of the day.) But this was beautiful, like an unknotting of something deep inside. 


Anonymous said...

Why not getting a license? Is it that hard to get?
You sure are a wild girl..

Anonymous said...

Did the element of risk (driving without a license = flirting with cop-trouble) add something (excitement?) to the enjoyment of the long drive?

mukta raut said...