Tuesday, September 15, 2015

586, 585

A friend who lost her dog recently had come to stay over last night.

I really liked that sweet, affectionate cocker spaniel. While I warmed up the egg curry and heated up the rice and fried some chilly with garlic, I couldn't believe that the dog was gone. I mean, not in a sad agitated way. Just that the dog has gone off to play somewhere and the owner's exaggerating.

Where did he go?

There's a pigeon laying eggs under a table in the balcony. I am not pleased about it...but maybe I am a little bit. I have never been close to flora or fauna but now I lots of lovely plants that I've tended to since the last two days. And I like that a pregnant pigeon found it hospitable enough to want to bring forth life here. Maybe pigeons don't give it all that much thought. I told my pal to not smoke in the balcony. Maybe it would be nice to make things a little pleasant for the pigeon.

But when will those eggs be laid and when will they hatch and when will I get my terrace back to do my yoga?

In other news, I have discovered David Sedaris who.is.excellent.

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