Thursday, September 24, 2015

579, 578

The day before yesterday, we had the farewell for a colleague. She was a friend, I suppose. Situational. We both liked watching movies in cinema halls. On a New Year's eve that we found our calendars empty, we hung out together. She had introduced me to the meetup groups in Pune and also to a man who, for better or for worse, taught me a few hard lessons.

She left yesterday. To travel. To take a break. To make other plans without also having to juggle the mundane.

Yesterday, we had Ganpati visarjan of the idol we'd kept in office. That friend wasn't there. There was dhol taasha and there were modaks and I didn't go because I had work.

It felt normal, funny, hollow, regular.

Like we try to piece together a jigsaw of the void and every piece of puzzle is made of vapour.

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