Monday, July 06, 2015

646, 645 - Bandra-Kurla Complex and Yauatcha

I'm back from Bombay. It was a great trip and I've come back tired and with a cold.

Anyway, I bought an iPad mini for my father (it was his birthday last month). Personally, I prefer Android tablets but I thought he'd like all those important lectures and research material that an Apple product gives you access to.

Today, mom and I had lunch at Yauatcha at BKC. It's a posh Tea and Dimsum place (so...not a Chinese restaurant because that would make it pedestrian) at BKC. B-K-C. Bandra-Kurla Compex - next to Kalanagar! I was halfway through my pot of orchid tea when it struck me that when I grew up in Bandra, this place was a dumping ground. It was a space for the city's grime and a scratchy underbelly. And now, it's so swank! Now it was a place where I was having lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant! Anyway, nostalgia aside, I really liked my dimsums - I had one filled with Shitake-mushroom and another one stuffed with mock meat cooked in Peking style. You get only three pieces of dimsum per plate though - all the size and look of signet rings. But the main course was better. I had a tofu that was so silky and soft that I wanted to take home large sheets of it to wrap myself up while sleeping. It is the best tofu I've had Mom had a braised chicken which she enjoyed and the jasmine rice was tasty too - simple and fragrant with the earthy tones of that clay pot it was served and possibly cooked in. The piece de resistance, though, I think was the dessert. They have a tropical cake that is some kind of a mango mousse served with some white chocolate ganache, a pina colada rabdi type thing (which was so delish!) and rum infused vanilla ice-cream. It was s good - so good -you involuntary close your eyes. Next time, I'll just go for desserts. There was exquisite looking raspberry velvet cake that I've started dreaming about.

My slipper snapped there so we drove around until we found a cobbler. He repaired my slippers and gave them a new lease of life for ten rupees. Some things just move you, you know.

In the evening, we went to Taj Land's End for our regular snack of potato wedges. Now I kow, it's only the humble potato wedges but I love them. They are so evenly salted and flavoured. I eat potato wedges everywhere and I can safely say that not everyone can manage that.

Now I'm back in Pune - all feverish and rheumy-eyed. Made some instant mushroom soup (Knorr). Used less water to make it thick. Maybe it's a testimony of just how bad a cook I am because I think cooking 'instant' stuff isn't all that easy. I had a hard time removing all the lumps from the soup. And I like lumps in my soup - but not the dry, powdery lumps but lumps that got cooked and are slightly chewy. So I used a sieve to first strain the soup. Then, in all the lumps that remained, I added some hot water separately - just a sprinkle to cook them enough to make them chewy. Not sure if it's warranted, but I got a technique for cooking instant things.

And oh, I do miss Maggi.


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