Monday, July 13, 2015

641, 640, 639 - The walk, the climb, the exertion, the exhaustion

Walked 50 kms yesterday - nearly 9 hours - through this crowd of colour and music, through the city - up a hill - across the plains, literally through 'almost rain and shine', looking up at the far distance beyond and wondering how the hell will we EVER climb that...went for the Palki yesterday and although the legs and back pain beyond belief, it was very, very memorable. I was told not to leave Pune without having that experience at least once. Passing on that advice to everyone in the city. There's a new found respect you have for all kinds of journeys - no matter how arduous or easy or impossible or easy, you do the all in the exact same way - (That rice, daal, and mawa kulfi at the end of the journey felt brilliant!)

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