Sunday, July 19, 2015

634, 633

I had an accident the other day.

Incident still makes me boil so I won't get into too many details. Just a cab hit and dented my car from the side pretty badly because it had to shove in between my car and the wall. At a signal.

Anyway, now just living in Pune is making me really weary. Earlier that day, I'd hit my head, my slipper had snapped, broke two nails, had a bit of a run-in with a colleague, and the wonderful ladies that I have cleaning and cooking for me just trigger that deep, dark place inside me. So, I'm guessing there were signs that it would be a tough day.

Sure enough, it was.

Anyway, I feel that I've had enough of this no-drinking nonsense. So this Saturday, I thought I should just do what it takes to make me feel better. A friend and I decided to go out. We decided to dress up and go out. This in and of itself is SUCH a new concept for me now that putting on my faux leather leggings and charcoal top made me high. But I got a chance to wear my pop pink wedges that look pretty and cheery.

We went to Kiva where we ordered some Sula Cabernet. It's some kind of a red wine and one is better off without it because it. is. not. good. AT. ALL. But what I would recommend is their mushroom starter that comes with a light, herbed sauce.

Next, we went to Paasha at J..Marriott, which is a very pretty place. It was not very crowded. We sat in the open-air section and from the 24th floor, the city just looked breathtaking! Tiny colourful lights streaming across some diffused white glow, slight drizzle, the mountains looking strong and lush, and us, shivering a little, sipping our Long Island Iced Tea. I chomped through a bowl of phirni too. We got some peach-flavoured kamikaze shots that were a tad syrupy but tasty nevertheless. It was superb!

Maybe I should lighten up and have a nice, tall drink with a good dessert. It may just soften the rest of my days here.


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