Monday, July 27, 2015

629, 628, 627: Assorted musings

1. Beauty rinses off a lot of pain.

2. I hadn't 'visited' my balcony in ages. So last night, a friend came over and we had lots of coffee and cocoa there. We even shivered a little. It has been ages since I shivered out in the open. 

3. Mom had last sent me packets of dried cranberries. Last night, I whipped up some raita with it. So a handful of dried cranberries in some whipped curd, some organic jaggery sugar, and chilli flakes. It was really very tasty. We had that with a kind of upma that's made with shredded left-over rotis, a pulao made of millet (or bhagar as it's called here) and large cups of coffee and hot cocoa. I'd had Red Bull before that. I love it.

4. A lot of books on are not available anymore. So...shucks! But some still are. I downloaded Girl Interrupted. And Corfu trilogy by Gerard Durell - what I'm really delighted about.

5. I'd palmed off some ganjis to a friend's dog. One of them was too tight for her but she was clicked wearing it anyway. She looked mighty cute. And uncomfortable. But more cute than uncomfortable.

6. The sorting and folding of clothes is still going on. Slow, slow, slow. But I found a nice sand-coloured satin top with turquoise, white, and red beaded details on the cuffs. I wore that today.

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