Monday, June 08, 2015

667 - The beautiful trip to Mumbai

It was returningt o roost. It felt like I belonged once again and it was plump with possibilities and joy and well-being. The weather turned dreamy. I'm back to wearing my blue sapphire ring that I used to wear many years ago. When I was driving around Bombay, this time, I saw the reflection of trees and the sky flitting on the smooth, pale face of the blue sapphire and it looked so good! Just everything about this trip was about 'returning'.

When I got back to Pune, there was no electricity. In fact, we hadn't had electricity the whole day. All the food had gone bad and the mosquitoes were out to party. My tooth started aching and I was in such a panic because all those memories from last time when I was unwell came flooding back. But then, one breathes slowly. One feels a little hopeful when one locates the torch. And then more hopeful when the torch shines on a bunch of stocky, white candles. Then I lit the candles and the home was gorgeous. Pale yellow soft light that keeps a cool, rainy night in centre stage.

A beautiful Bombay Sapphire Sunday.

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