Monday, June 29, 2015

653, 652, 651, 650 - Quick round-up of the last few days

1. Watched Insidious 3 at Phoenix with some pals from Bombay - one of who has shifted to Pune. A quick write-up on that (that I'd put up on FB):

'Some parts give you the chills, but overall...meh. Although, I think I'm at the stage where cracked walls, broken windows, chipped tiles, short-circuitry do not make me think 'ghost'. they make me think 'contact landlord'. And whether it's from this world or the next, I know the landlord isn't coming anytime soon.'

2. Cook made some really spicy seviya today. Very tasty stuff.

3. Ma had sent from Bombay very tasty fried rice - so yummy and good - tiny grains of rice with gaajar, soya, capsicums.

4. Have been seriously ill since the last few days. Despite that had to haul myself to work to finish up stuff. Seriously, in this lifetime, I have to crack this method where one is organized enough to take off work when one is feeling unwell.

5. A pal at work had got me this really tasty home-made chivdaa. It was slightly sweet and I think it was roasted in some kind of pungent oil smoked with kadi-patta.

6. Tried the Belgian-chilli hot chocolate at Chocolate room - which was nice. Maybe  little too milky.

7. Tried out a new restaurant around the block, Kimling. My stir-fried tofu was nice - if a tad dry. My friend seemed to enjoy her chicken dimsums. The beer may have made her partial to the dish, though.

8. Was slightly alarmed with the grade of thinking out there. A guy who I was chatting with online sporadically was around the area. He asked if we could meet up for coffee. I said, "Why not?", considering I was just being so resentful at work instead of nursing myself to health. Must say I had found him obnoxious before - but the same stripe of obnoxiousness as some people find me. So I dismissed it. We were just about to firm up on the place when he said, "Let's go to Goa." I made a joke about this - something about coffee being available in the vicinity. He then said, "Are you afraid I will rape you?" And just like that there was a strong urge to retch. I have a BIG BIG BIG problem with the word 'rape' being used in jokes. Or as an analogy to something that is nowhere close to what it is. "This team raped the other team on the field.", "That reviewer raped the draft.", "He raped the timelines." None of that is rape. None of that is even close to it. I don't understand it and I can't laugh along. Anyway, coming back to this...'person', I told him that neither Goa, nor coffee, nor any further conversation will happen again. To which he seemed puzzled and advised me to 'not be some feminist type' as 'no one will be happy with me.'

You know, people say, that someone can hide so much about themselves online. But, so much gets revealed. Feminism to some people out there is a woman's objection to getting raped.

9. But I had some nice meals with friends otherwise. They seem to be okay with me being a feminist.

10. Started reading 'The Private Lives of Pippa Lee' by Rebecca Miller. I see that it is also a movie.


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