Thursday, May 28, 2015

677, 676 - Based on what I am wearing

The two may not seem related.

I wear today a sleeveless cotton dress. It's white with tiny circles and dots with a dropped waist. (That happens to be a favorite pattern with me - a dropped waist.) It's a hand me down from a friend who had given me a bunch of white shirts last summer. Although it's a dress and can be worn by itself, I'm wearing it with a pair of white cotton pants that have teeny bit of crotchet detailing at the end. The dress has pockets. One of them is a little ripped so you can't put coins in it. A cotton dress for me is a way of saying hello with a smile that reaches my eyes. It's simple, it's innocent, and something about the pleasant way it breathes in the summer sun suggests that things will be fine today. Like the way things were.

A cotton dress is a favorite kind of nostalgia.

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