Saturday, April 25, 2015


12 suryanamaskars today - at 11:30 p.m. Not bad. I'd also done 3 rounds in the morning which I'm not counting.

A bunch of us are working on a script. Today a friend of mine introduced me to another filmmaker who took a look at the script and said a few things that were, let's say, not very encouraging. I think I came home a little upset and that's how I got the energy to do the yoga. (In context, anger is an important thing.)

Then I made some pasta - something really simple. Boiled some in hot water to which oil and salt had been added. Then I drained it, added a chunk of butter on it, some chilli flakes and mixed herbs and mixed it. So, there were carbohydrates at night - which I intend to cut out eventually.

Sunday, I've made plans with friends to meet at Peter Donuts and work on the script. We will hopefully do that. Feedback comes. Then you go on. Rather - still you go on.


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