Wednesday, March 25, 2015

729 - a poem and a toothache

Around 9 p.m. spoke to mom. Had started feeling feverish by then. Then the searing pain around the tooth started. In a couple of minutes the ear was hurting and one part of the throat was sore. While driving back, my hands were shaking on account of the pain. In a 10 minute drive home, had to stop twice because I couldn't steady. Reached home and fumbled endlessly for the keys. Clamped the affected tooth by mistake so I was immediately brought down to my knees because of tha...t blinding pain that zipped through my spine. (Just what all is the tooth connected to anyway?) That's the impact of pain in one tooth. ONE TOOTH. Nothing seems worse. No existential crisis where you feel empty. No heartbreak where you think you've lost your one true love. And I don't care about all that stupid poetry and those doofus lamenting songs. If you can write poetry and aren't in all that much pain. So, in case I live through tonight, here's an ode to a lesson I learned:

Not for an everafter
Or an absolute truth
Have i willingly prayed so hard
As i have for a decaying tooth.
Tooth – you cause so much pain
And you are fairly hard to rhyme
Which is why no-one writes about you
More than half the time.
But please duly note this poem
That I write while painfully sucking a fruit
I chose you tonight unequivocally
Over a foreverafter and the absolute truth.

If this ever becomes a music video, I'd like Deepika in there somewhere wearing a dress in yellow georgette with dull gold sandals (oh hey! toothache seems to have subsided...everybody likes her, apparently.)

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