Tuesday, February 24, 2015

752, 751

Hello world,

How have you been? Today I put together an outfit that I love. It's a pair of palazzos in really faded, comfortable, soft cotton in faded brown print and a fitted white formal shirt that fits really well. Maybe I love this outfit a lot today because three or four months ago, this shirt didn't fit me but today it does.

The loni dosa guy who was away for a bit is here now. Felt good to see him.

Liked my session at the gym.

Went to the temple and it was so nice and peaceful. The shiv-ling was decorated with a chaadar (blanket) made with mogra buds, roses, and orchids. Beauty is a very powerful way to worship.

Now, I'm sipping a chilled can of Diet Coke and life is good.

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