Monday, November 10, 2014

841 - the day I ate overpriced cheese chilli toast at Leopold

Woke up late with a strange feeling in my stomach. There was some thinking and sorting out to be done but since I am not in Pune but in the loving and abundant environment of Mummy and Papa's home in Bombay, I decided to be irresponsible. So I dawdled over coffee, ate a big lunch and yet again, planned an evening out in town. So, we cabbed it through the Worli Sea Link which is quite a treasure because of the mnty blue sea that lines the drive. We walked through Colaba causeway. I got a short khadi top and a longer, loose shirt for Mom. We also went to a tiny bookstore in Colaba Causeway and then had some potato wedges, chilli cheese toasts, cokes and a juice at Leopold. The bill ran up to 1500 bucks which was w-a-a-a-y more than what we'd expected.

There was a stop at Good Earth. It has some gorgeous stuff but really expensive. I really liked a simple, white cotton sleeveless dress with a cowl neck. There was a flame-orange sharaara that was very pretty too. What also caught my fancy where their thin, wispy white cotton curtains. There was a lovely one with dragonfly cut-outs in white. The wings of the dragon-fly were sewn with a gauzy material. I imagined that in a room with teal and turquoise walls and maybe white shelves on which some white ceramic holders are lined.

We walked towards Taj where the shine of the brass and copper trinkets were nicely offset against the dark streets. From one of a large and colourful perfumerie, my friend bought almost a litre of rose itr. We bought tiny bottles for her to transfer some perfume in and then cabbed it back to Bandra. I took a bus back home, got a window seat and dozed off watching a copper moon floating in the sky.

Just like that, a day had dribbled by.

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