Friday, September 05, 2014

901 - Epistle to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Today is not an exceptionally sad day. In fact, it was quite nice. I went out for coffee with a colleague after a really long time. However, I have worked through the night and I am still not done. I have worked for most of my adult life and I am still not done. I have tied many times to sit down and write, making umpteen schedules and I am still not done. I have stacked my clothes according to colour and size and material and appropriateness so that I get a chance to at least wear every garment at least twice but I am still not done. I have made lists of people to forgive and meticulously prayed to forgive them but I am still not done. I have, at times, quelled my mind to sort through my earlier years of hurt and angusih to set myself free from the caked residue of the past and I am still not done.

I know you are busy and all being the Universe and all that but one of these days, while I am sleeping or maybe even when I'm not, can you please please tell me what really is the point of it all?

If I am driving or in a conference call, come back another time.

Thank you and best regards,

P.S. - I was told I was part of you - hence the letter. If you are not the entity with the answers, do pass it on to someone who has a clue and gives a shit.


Jagdeep Kaur said...

The point is to sit and take a deep breath and smile; to go to your favourite hilltop and look at the sky and smile; to wait for the jam to un-jam and look out your car window at the next person and smile. That one wholesome breath, that one heartfelt smile, that is about the only point. The rest, once that happens, does start to fall in place. But for it to fall in place, one's got to…unclench, give-up, give-in, let-go…like you do in the mornings (or evenings) and al the toxic waste just comes pouring down, out of your body. Let it go. Let it come.

To understand why it's still not done, it is imperative to stop doing…it. Stop working, stop writing, stop making schedules, donate the clothes you haven't worn for the past 6 months. Don't forgive if the forgiveness doesn't naturally flow; it's only because there maybe some unsolved issues, some unanswered questions, some closures that were never reached; do not try and force a door shut if the cupboard is crazy full of shit and won't close.

The universe will not set its plan for you in motion unless and until you stop planning and doing stuff yourself. It is a respectful universe, waiting for you to finish, giving you time, as much as you will take, keep taking. Think and feel if maybe you have closed your fists too hard, clenched your muscles too hard, are always working, working towards reaching somewhere, achieving something.

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