Monday, September 08, 2014

898, 897

Things have been good at home. It feels just so awesome to have Ma around. My house is blanketed with well-being. Not to mention the food...oh, the food! There's a kind of a pudding with's made with curd and condensed milk that I love. It was a childhood favorite and I think I haven't had it in ages. So, I've been having that. Then lauki cooked with a sesame paste that's pungent and tastes brilliant with hot rice. And dosas. And the Thai vegetable curry that Ma makes. Things have been so nice.

Then unfortunately, last night, I fell very ill. Really ill. Head and shoulders ached. Stomach was really tender. I was groggy and had fitful naps throughout the day. I woke up to a very dark world - mood was foul and the anxiety stayed knotted in my tummy. But one must feel better soon because there's a lot of work to be done. So my cook and I painted a couple of wine bottles. Hers came out really well and vibrant. Mine is a greyish, pink background with a quote attributed to Jim Morrison: "Where's your will to be weird?" The paint was runny so it's hard to decipher what the quote is but overall, the design is true to the sentiment of the message I think. Oh well.

Then we went out and bought flowers. Lots of them. Different coloured stalks and lots of roses. I got a bright orange - I don't know what its called. It has a long, fleshy stalk and its mainly orange but a few streaks of purple on it too. This funny orange flower went into the vase I painted - flora with a will to be weird. The gladiolas went into my cook's bright and colourful vases. The roses, though, there were so many of them. We put a single rose with some leaves in tequila shot glasses. And all these were lined up by the window sill. In my ill-health, I sipped spinach soup and admired this handiwork. 

Feeling a lot better today.

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D said...

Could you put up the recipe of the pudding? Mum used to make us a similar kind but with paneer instead of curd.