Monday, September 15, 2014


It was good salvage of a Sunday spent in office. Wrapped up work and went to Crossword with Papa. He bought a book of some important speeches and I bought one of the King's Speech. That and two notepads with bright pink covers. I love pink. The colour makes me happy.

We went home and a friend had bought me some pani puri masala and an imli chutney from a sweet shop in Bombay. So, last night we made some pani puri with a channa stuffing. It was so tasty!

The stuffing was quite interesting. We hadn't really thought of making pani puri so the channa was really prepared to be suited for pani puri. It was kabuli channa that was cooked in a paste of brinjal and spinach - very creamy and thick. It really tasted good.

Really have to figure out a way to sort this out - this sense of just going through my days in such a haphazard manner!

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