Friday, July 04, 2014


I have been feeling really beaten lately. It would be nice to just have my mom around making me khichdi and asking me if I want more butter on top of it. Or be in love and sleep with that person's hand on my ear. I would just really really like some kind of comfort. My eyes are parched and I haven't been able to sleep for so long. On top of that, I have to be strong. Or not really. I have to be functional but that feels like being the same thing to me right about now. But the Universe has been kind. It has rained today and I took a friend from out of town to Peter Donuts. She is going through some severe transition as well. And when two people are going through some jagged times, I think they melt into that time of life when joy was there, when there was simplicity and wonder but also a sweet taking-for-granted of all the friendships and sunshine and favorite seasons rolling in on time. I think they melt into childhood. We spoke about our childhoods over donuts and coffee. Then I came home and laid out my clothes for work. I made coffee because I have to work through the night now. Been very scattered lately and colossally unable to focus. But will still plod on.

Still to feel better, I ordered a book - Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. My warm hand on the ear for tonight. :-)


Anonymous said...

What is that one thing which will give you happiness right at this moment ?

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

It's nice to know that the need to have a warm hand over one' ear once in a while is shared by someone else.

Hope you coping with your stuff better.