Tuesday, June 10, 2014

That mood, that kind of books that I want to read

The sun is smiling today. It really is. I had just stepped out for a chilled ginger ale and the roads are wet with sunlight, if you know what I mean. Large papayas in orange, yellow and green are stacked on flimsy, wooden tables of juice stalls. Blossoms in orange and yellow swish about like colourful clouds tethered to trees. It's a very innocent, baby-like world I seem to have woken up to. I feel like reading 'Wind in the Willows' again. A nice, large hardcover with illustrations. Also, I'd like to read 'Where the Wild Things Are'. Again, a proper hard-cover with Maurice Sendak's excellent works of art.

A nice day it is. 


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and read. What is stopping you?
And, did you get your clothes stiched.. The ones you bought from Delhi?
A pic would be appreciated

mukta raut said...

umm...nothing is stopping me. i don't have the books with me right now. and the maurice sendak me, if ordered from Flipkart, is not delivered to Pune.

Given the clothes for stitching. :-)

Anonymous said...

Try Amazon India then.

And.. please please.. post a pic of clothes