Sunday, June 29, 2014

Oh this is just perfect!

I am in a perfectly foul mood today. Drove a couple of friends to Darios at KP where I had a waffle with French Vanilla syrup. The sunlight was dappled on the white and purple linen, the air humid but pleasant. A large, beautiful peacock resplendent in indigo and purple and gold perched on a tree. Several people clicked it. The friends decided to walk around Koregaon Park but I had to get home to finish work. Work - that thing that I can't concentrate on anymore and that is giving me a knot in my stomach.

Anyway, I came home and still felt foul. I called up my mother and had a fight. No. I called up my mother to have a fight. Bu she is a very worthy contender who fought back and told me to just quit the job and write the book and be done with the whining. I hung up. Called up someone else to have another fight but she was happily making purchases in Fab India. Not nice to disturb people in the middle of a shopping spree so I told her that I'd call her and argue with her later. She said okay. We have an argument scheduled at 9 p.m. tonight.

Hemmed and hawed. Grumbling, I went out and bought milk. Then I sat down to work. Couldn't. Then I took a quiz on Psych Central to just check whether I was depressive. My score indicates that I am currently suffering from severe depression.

Isn't that just beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Er.. Yes. It is beautiful.

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