Thursday, June 19, 2014


So unwell and nauseous today. Retched and eyes stung. Throat burned. To feel better, skipped lunch and ate some vanilla ice-cream. Two cups, in fact. By the time I had come back to office, the soft peaks of the tops of the ice-cream had squished a little. They soothed, nevertheless.

What also soothed was the memory of something I had read months ago - a Zen phrase, I think - snow in a silver bowl.

What also calms my trembling system is the thought of writing fiction soon.


Anonymous said...

i hope you are feeling better now.

What does 968 signifies?

mukta raut said...

i am feeling better. thank you! 968 - ah! i'll tell you when the time comes. :-)

Anonymous said...

Not fair..
Please tell us.. and also the pics of the stiched cloths