Saturday, June 21, 2014


Couldn't find my car keys this morning. When I rushed out for yoga class, I stepped into a world that seemed to be set up for a soundtrack of some sweeping, romantic film where, against the montage of childhood photos, the lovers reunite in their seventies. It was cool and windy. The trees were grazing against every possible terrace. Buildings looked a little browned in pretty vintage tints.

If I wasn't running late, I would have just walked to the class instead of hopping into a six-seater auto later.

There's a tiny dirt road opposite my building one can cross to get to the main road. There, in one of the courtyards of a house, I saw a happy Labrador playing with a child who was gurgling loudly and from what it looked like, was very unwilling to wear her nappy. She noticed me, as did the  dog, and both seemed to be really glad to see me. As if I were some long lost friend. Maybe I was. Maybe everyone who is out there a little aimless enjoying great weather with no other agenda besides being aimless and enjoying great weather is a friend to each other. I stopped and spoke to the two of them across the gate. Then I left for class.

Reached on time.

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