Tuesday, May 06, 2014

What I would recommend and what I would not

1. Had Red Bull and coffee late at night. Slept very fitfully with a burning sensation in my stomach and nausea. Avoid.

2. Had masala macaroni. Plain boiled curls with chilli powder and the masala for Bisibele Bhaat. Very, very good. Try it if you are not a purist.

3. Curd rice made with brown rice. Interesting texture. I added a few green olives and chilli flakes to spike the taste a bit. Works.

4. If mangoes are ripe but a little sour, having it mixed with vanilla ice-cream and a little bit of mixed fruit or pineapple jam helps.

5. Sometimes, after yoga class, I feel really parched. It's a strange kind of thirst. Water, even cold water doesn't quite cut it. One day, I had some diet coke with a wedge of lemon and a sliver of really spicy chilli. It was so beautiful. I sipped it in the car looking at a new moon. Definitely recommend. 


Jagdeep Kaur said...

if i was your mommy, i'd advise you against diet coke (or any soda) esp when you are thirsty. it might seem your thirst is quenched at the tongues level, but it's actually dehydrating your body. try warm water. or try nimbu paani, not cold...best.

anandi said...

In this hot weather, I have been having butter milk mixed with roasted cumin seeds and dried mint. It is delicious and good for stomach. :)