Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Afternoon errand

I ran to the bank this afternoon to deposit overdue rent. Trip to Gurgaon worked out a little more expensive than I had bargained for - mainly for the absolutely luscious trip to Nehru Place where my friend A and I bought tons of fabric. I got yards of linen in light peach, soft jute silk in melon yellow, thin wispy cotton in a pink and white print, a slightly stiff cotton variation in white stars on black background, a deep maroon square of something that feels like mousse - so light and delectable, and 180 centimeters of dull gold silk that was apparently used to make some Gucci gown. The last sheath of cloth made me sigh so deep that I just had to have it. Anyway, all that shopping cost me more than I had budgeted for but it was a beautiful, beautiful experience. Unstitched cloth has the happy freedom and the magic possibilities of what may become. Nehru place is definitely on my favourite go-to places in Delhi now.

Anyway, in Pune, bills await as do expenses. This time, I dipped into some savings to make rent. Anyway, very grateful that I had the money. As I deposited the money, the teller flicked the thousand rupee notes that are coloured flesh-pink. That's when I decided that I will not worry about money. I don't (which is possibly why I don't have much of it). But maybe I will also not panic at not having money to meet ends. Anxiety over not having enough galvanizes some people. It doesn't work for me. It makes me feel heavy. And I don't want to feel heavy, ever.

Because the thing that illumines the's called light. It's not called heavy. For a reason.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! Now get a good tailor!!

ne said...

Oooh, sounds lovely! where in Nehru Place is this?

mukta raut said...

Anon -, that hunt is on.

ne - this place is next to a Sardarji's shop for fabric. It's a big one and it begins with a T - Tisseur or something like that.

Jagdeep Kaur said...

textures, i think. you walk straight towards kalka mandir from paras cinema. it's a corner (the other end) shop.