Thursday, January 16, 2014


I was very unwell today. My eyes were burning furiously. Since I avoid medicines as much as I can, I didn't take any. A friend, C, is staying over for a couple of weeks.  She leaves early for office. So after I had seen her off, I lay down again to take a quick nap. But my eyes burned and I just wanted to scoop them out snd soak them in iced water.
Nothing I did helped. I took a day off from work and just lay in bed waiting for the feeling to pass. Then I suddenly realised that the cook hadn't made enough food for two people.  So I decided to , ake a quick soya sabzi. The eyes were burning less now. I chopped a couple of onions for the dish and this was torture. The eyes throbbed, burned, and turned into faucets. But after I was done with the chopping, my eyes didn't burn anymore.

Am just so grateful!

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