Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Eve...the night before had to be named after a woman

Came home late from work. Close to midnight.  Had a big meal of masala chawal, daal, and spicy mixed vegetables. A friend called.  Wished me Merry Christmas. Spoke to him for an hour. Another friend called. Christmas greetings and observations on Dhoom 3 were exchanged. 

Then, I thought I should wish Merry Christmas to this sweet, cheery living space that this house is. So, I made some chai, dragged out whatever tinsel and netted, glittery stuff I had, and started decorating. Will do some more by and by.

But wanted to stop, share, and wish you all a deep, abiding Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Reminded me of this -

Wasn't able to read the titles in the picture..

mukta raut said...

That's a lovely post! Thank you!

Sunipa said...

hi mukta...hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you the very best for the new year...its not often that I get inspired these days...guess it is too easy to become jaded and cynical with life. today looking at your festive photos, i feel inspired and alive. thanks.

mukta raut said...

:-) thank you, sunipa. Wish you a happy, peaceful New Year too!