Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sun and simplicity

Today, after weeks of grey, cloudy, rain drenched and cold days, there was sun. The garden in my building lay bright and happy in a warm, patch of yellowish-white goodness.The world really looked as inviting as buttered toast.Later in the day, when I stepped out fora walk, I felt the sun on my back. It was so comforting.

Later, I met up with a friend for glasses of hot apple toddy at a bistro called Zodiac. It's tiny but has a sweet layout and pretty potted plants outside. Sitting outside, sipping our warm, sweet drinks that was spiced with cinnamon-it felt like a holiday. The picture I took of our drinks has a, how shall I put it, a 'rim-side' view. I really like it because it makes the stick of cinnamon look like it's taking a dip in one of those infinity pools.

The sun was out, the day was warm, and I had a lovely golden beverage that made me so glad.

Sunshine in a martini glass...that's the stuff good old days are made of.


Sonal Chinchwadkar said...

I know the feeling... sun peeking through the dark clouds first... you are then drenched in beautiful sun rays!! I so dearly miss the rains in Mumbai! :)

Anonymous said...

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