Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weird pick-me-ups

Today I had a colossal backache and a really dull headache as well. My throat was sore, eyes were scratchy, and the food seemed to have settled in my stomach and turned into lead. The lower abdomen was bloated unhealthily and I dragged myself to office feeling swarthy and unattractive. Also ill. But impersonable and inadequate for any sharp thinking or coherent conversation - these two thoughts dominated my mind.

I attended the meeting I was to attend and then promptly called up my folks who (who are visitng) to pick me up from office. They were out shopping, though, and had made dinner plans with my cousin. I had to accompany them for dinner and although I am really fond of my cousin, niece and nephew, I felt so thoroughly weary at the time. My mind was already shutting down. My body was aching so badly that I just wanted to be under covers with the lights off, fan in full swing, dreaming away until morning. But that was not to be. There was a dinner to attend and one that I was actually looking forward to.

For swift mood upswing, I rely (and I know how superficial it must sound) on clothes. Food also always makes me feel better but clothes make me feel well enough to go into the world. And not just any clothes. They must be cotton, freshly washed, crumpled, and short. I love soft cotton that is not pressed or starched. I love that baby-like gentleness that a crumpled piece of soft fabric can have on my skin...and on my mind. Crumples are so much more welcoming than something that's neatly pressed. A clean, crumpled bit of cloth gives you a chance to drape yourself in sea-breeze or a gust of mountain air -m you know, things that have no other agenda than just being around. Crumpled cotton clothes give me that same sense of comfort and satiety that a plate of hot, ghee-drenched khichdi does.

As for short clothes - well - I just find them very happy-making. A short flared skirt or denim shorts with large pockets you can stuff lozenges in...or tissue papers on which you will note down interesting quotes off restaurant wall-pictures - those get me in a very happy mood.

So, as it turns out, I wore a light, baby-pink top, soft as muslin, and a coarse, pleated khaki skirt. The fever was there, the aches were there, but I was out of the house greeting a lovely summer night.



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i agree about the freshly washed, crumpled cotton clothes. they have such a fresh, 'new-start' feel!