Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eating mangoes and thinking hard

April has almost strided across the year. However, I hadn't yet eaten the season's offerings of mangoes yet. I was saving my appetite for some special occasion - like when I'd go to Haji Ali and have mangoes and cream there. It is sublime. So sublime in fact, that it is fitting that this dessert should be served outside a shrine.

Anyhow, one evening as I walked back home, I saw a pile of golden yellow mangoes. They looked all luscious and enticing - like the ones that get illustrated in Amar Chitra Katha. So I took a few. On tasting them, though, it was a whole different story. They were unevenly tart and insipid. Maybe if you quickly gulped water after a piece and squeezed your eyes shut, you'd find them sweet.

I was thinking of chucking the whole lot but mum had other ideas. When I came back from office, I got offered a bowl of chilled diced mangoes in condensed milk. The tartness of the fruit actually helped the cause of the dessert here. It can get really cloying otherwise.

In any case, I had an idea for a cookbook. It will be a sort of a twitter cookbook. From  the listing of ingredients to the preparation to the garnish - everything should fit into a tweet. So, it will basically ensure that dishes are simple and hopefully quick and painless.

I was really pleased with the thought. Not sure if the idea appealed to me so much or it was that lovely dessert. Both brought me joy and that's enough for now.


Vinita said...

I love the idea of a tweet recipe! The tweet dish is great too :)

Mukta said...

:-) now to think up some more

Anonymous said...

OHHH i feel like gobbling a few dozen mangoes ! Haji Ali n mango dessert sighhh MISS BOMBAY !