Friday, April 20, 2012

Colour blue

It’s strange…how even changing the font style can make you want to write something different. Actually, it’s not all that strange. I remember how, as a child, the color of the ink would determine what I wrote. If the ink was black, I’d write something formal and erudite – a report, maybe. If it was green, then something nasty, like gossip. Red was for stern stuff like warning school friends against their respective boyfriends. (I had dubious motives. More time with those guys meant less time with me.)Pink was for poetry or song lyrics or valentine musings. Blue, though,blue was for everything.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence. If it is, it’s quite a marvelous one. Blue is the color of the sky, the tint of the ocean, the hue of blood that’s refined over years and years. As with nature, so with ink. Blue is for everything.

Websites that don’t want to stand out remarkably are blue. When you want to be formal but not pick black, you pick blue. Blue is soothing. Blue is safe.

When you’ve lived through a sufficient amount of time, when memories get ambitious enough to become hopes, and when aspirations get laidback to become memories – and melancholy swathes over…when you feel low or sad, you feel blue. Because when you feel sad and when you feel blue…you pretty much feel everything.

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Sadiya Upade said...

hi...i have been following your blog for sometime....u write really well and i love this post :)