Sunday, March 11, 2012

As it has come to pass...

Maybe the beginning of this morning has its twisted genesis many moons ago. Maybe this morning started when I first pondered over the word' skyscraper' and was awed by what it suggested. Maybe it was when I first registered the reflection of Bombay's silhouette in the shimmering sea. It was like watching the solidness of a concrete jungle ballet-dance, wearing the satin slippers of time - beautiful, ephemeral, and very poetic.

This morning, I stood in the balcony of the apartment in Jersey city where I'm putting up. There was a bite in the air and crisp, pure sunlight all around. I held my first cup of tea this morning - one that I'd brewed at 6:30 a.m. It feels like a sweet dream. Watching the curlicues of steam waft up and disappear into a blue sky. Through the barks of a few bare trees, I can see the Manhattan skyline rise tall and proud. Yet it shimmers in the waterfront like a shy ballet dancer on stage for the very first time.

It's my first time here. But this morning, at least, feels like it has happened many times before.

So I raise my cup at the skyline and greet it.

Bombay says hello.


Priya said...

Only a Mumbaikar would understand that this profound sense of nostalgia for Mumbai and a deep connection to Manhattan yet unexplored. Somehow both cities seem a continuum. Enjoy yourself, Mukta. And kiss the city for me. Not the Times Square - it is an effing tourist trap. Kiss it for me at Bryant's Park, Park Avenue, those little avenues in Little Italy and China Town, even the small bookstores at the Village.

Vinita said...

Enjoy! And if you ever pass through or visit Hartford, lemme know.

Anonymous said...

hey Mukta, good on you for travelling... you there for the PhD?